Monday, October 17, 2005

A Quick Random Thought . . .

Today is a fall cleaning day . . . I'm helping my 11 year old and almost 9 year old daughters clean their room. This in mental preparation for my trip to NYC. Why bother, you might ask? I really don't know - except that I've allowed them to try to organize it themselves for the last month - and they haven't been able to get it done to my satisfaction yet. Oldest is a very creative type - lots of drawings and paper cuttings, sewing, clay, etc. At any rate, it's a huge job - entails cleaning out every drawer and container in the room and tossing the garbage, filling a few bags for donation, etc. Just to clarify, the trash is generally of the artwork variety - I allow them to keep things for their portfolios but encourage them to throw away stuff they weren't happy with - so I'm not talking food wrappers or really nasty garbage as that isn't allowed in their room.

As I'm working on this mass of clutter, however, it strikes me that if I (and they) cannot keep up with where their little acquisitions end up and periodically have to do an audit, is it any wonder that our government gets so bogged down with extraneous garbage in the form of social, environmental, or economic programs? I mean, it's just so much easier to start new programs than it is to take the time and effort to discover where they may already be in effect or overlapping. I'm thinking that before any money or time should be allocated for ANY new program, the promoters of said program should have to demonstrate that they've done their homework - show what steps they've taken to determine where in the scheme of things their program would fit, and to insure that they're not overlapping already established programs. Just how much governmental garbage (or fat) d'ya think might be discovered? Understand, I'm not promoting governmental programs of any sort - kinda goes against my libertarian bent - but knowing that my personal preference for government isn't likely to transpire in my lifetime, I'm just thinking there oughtta be some logical way to limit these types of programs.

Just my musings for the day - gotta keep my brain busy on something to keep it from turning to mush!


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