Monday, September 12, 2005

Slideshow is no longer . . . Comment Woes

Update: as of 9/12/05 the Katrina slideshow is no longer available - don't know if Alvaro pulled it, if Kodak decided they were getting too many hits, or what happened. When I last looked yesterday afternoon, there were about 250 comments - a few dissenting and nasty voices, but by and large comments were appreciative and encouraging. Sorry if you missed it - we can only hope that Alvaro decided to take the advice of so many of the commenters and self-publish his wonderful slideshow! I'll keep my eyes and ears open - if anyone hears what happened, let me know.

Also, for any readers who had posted comments on my posts, I must apologize - I "upgraded" my comments to Haloscan so that I could take advantage of their trackback program, and unfortunately, lost all my comments. I mis-read their site - thought that the comments would transfer . . . but alas, they're gone. C'est la vie.


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