Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good News from Iraq . . .

Some of my readers may or may not realize that the Bloggers 4 Freedom aggregator that I have linked on my sidebar is a site that my sister and I debuted in May of last year (2004) to try to spread the good word from our troops. While our mission has been moderately successful, with the retiring this week of Arthur Chrenkoff, I think it would be helpful to begin passing along a few more of the positive and uplifting stories that we read. Not that there aren't some disheartening ones, but frankly, the MSM has those more than adequately covered. At any rate, I'm going to try to cover several of these each week as I run across them.

First off we have The Roadblock from Thunder 6/365 and a Wake Up.

A few minutes after they finished their labors my patrol turned onto their road, and finding it blocked we set up a security position. Had they done nothing our patrol would have been gutted. Instead we were able to screech to a halt out of the kill zone.

An hour later as I watched the EOD robot defuse the giant IED I felt a cold shudder run down my spine. Brave soldiers, myself among them, had almost lost their lives on this empty stretch of road. The only reason we didn’t was because equally brave Iraqi citizens refused to bear witness to our destruction. Thank God.

Read it all here.


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